20+ Best Among Us Birthday Cake of [2024]

Looking for Among Us birthday cake? We will share designs that you can buy or make easily at home. Cake, icing in various colors and lots of decorations will suffice.

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Let’s take a look at our boutique cakes now!

1. Imposter Cake

The best thing about Among Us birthday cake is that the characters are really simple. No need for awkward materials or special styling abilities.

among us birthday party ideas

2. Cake Topper

Cakes can be baked or you can buy pre-made cakes. You can prepare the cream yourself. Mostly gray, blue and a little white cream are used.

among us birthday party ideas

3. Shaped Cake

How amazing does this cream cake look! The crewmate were made with icing, but you could also stick some cardboard cupcake toppers instead.

among us birthday party ideas

4. Sky Cake

Baking Among Us birthday cake for your favorite players’ birthday celebration? These fun Among Us cake ideas will be loved by teammates, kids and adults, girls, boys and scammers.

among us birthday party ideas

5. Crewmate Cake

Among Us birthday cake is very colorful. Crewmate members come in a variety of colors. You can combine primary colors with a few secondary colors to get the look you’re looking for.

among us birthday party ideas

6. Printable Cake

It is a good idea to use sugar cookies in cakes when making 3D designs. Creating shapes with chocolate molding is great.

among us birthday party ideas

7. Inspired Figurines

If you are looking for a simple DIY cake decorating idea, then print some of our characters in your favorite color, stick them on toothpicks and add the top of your cake.

among us birthday party ideas

8. Funny Cake

Decorating the Among Us birthday cake is where the fun begins. Using elements you’ve learned about the game, you can make sugar cookies, a floor map, a flame, and a spaceship to craft crewmate members.

among us birthday party ideas

9. Cake for Girl

If your kid is a fan of Among Us, he will be happy to receive such a cake for her birthday.

among us birthday party ideas


10. Planet Cake

Wouldn’t a birthday cake reminiscent of the planet be unique? Be sure to try it.

among us birthday party ideas

11. Mixed Cake

A colorful birthday cake will brighten your day.

How to make Among Us birthday cake?: https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/14496350-vickys-among-us-cake-decoration-idea

among us birthday party ideas

12. Purple Cake

When preparing a birthday cake for your guests, you have to think about whether they will prefer chocolate or white cream.

among us birthday party ideas

13. Cupcake Topper

These editable Among Us cupcake toppers come pre-made, ready to be put on a cake or cupcakes.

among us birthday party ideas

14. Fancy Cake

Place the 3D models you made from sugar paste on the cake. Give it to the children who win the game as a prize.

among us birthday party ideas

15. Character Cake

Making a Among Us birthday cake is a lot of fun. This cake is the most popular character in the game. His hat looks so cute.

among us birthday party ideas

16. Cute Cake

Making a birthday cake in this theme is not difficult at all. Don’t worry, it will be enough to place objects on a plain cake.

among us birthday party ideas

17. Two Layer Cake

If you are planning a large party, a two-layer cake will suffice. Children are eagerly awaiting cake time.

among us birthday party ideas

18. Homemade Cake

This simple Among Us birthday cake is perfect if your time is limited. Just grab a few icing pens and do it in a fun way.

among us birthday party ideas

19. Blue Cake

This Among Us birthday cake, drip cake will be perfect, if your son is a fan of blue.

among us birthday party ideas

20. Black Cake

Among Us birthday cake, the quickest and easiest to make is the emergency button cake. You can even use it as a fun party decoration if you make it with a cake.

among us birthday party ideas