20+ Best Fortnite Birthday Cake of [2024]

If you’re looking for great Fortnite birthday cake ideas, you’ve come to the right place. There are loads of easy and fun ways to decorate a Fortnite cake.

Here you will find DIY options and pictures of Fortnite cakes that you can use as inspiration.

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1. The Storm Cake

Fortnite birthday cake is both creative and fun. Make your Fortnite cake bright and eye-catching by using Fortnite’s cute colors like pink, blue, and purple.

fortnite birthday party ideas

2. V-Papel Cake

You can create a map from your cake that matches the one in the game. An unusual idea.

fortnite birthday party ideas

3. Fantastic Cake

Show your friends that you’re the last one standing at the party with this awesome Fortnite cake.

fortnite birthday party ideas

4. Battle Royale Cake

How about a birthday cake made of camouflage colors? Brown and green are suitable for this.

fortnite birthday party ideas

5. Battle Bus Cake

When making a Fortnite birthday cake, you need inspiration. Don’t forget your favorite Fortnite characters when it comes to your birthday cake.

fortnite birthday party ideas

6. Crazy Party Cake

Adding some of Fortnite’s popular dance moves to your cake will add movement.

fortnite birthday party ideas

7. Creative Cake

Everyone will love this Fortnite cake with a game poster. Don’t forget to add weapons too.

fortnite birthday party ideas

8. Save The World Cake

Fortnite birthday cake is a great idea. You can create beautiful shapes with sugar paste.

fortnite birthday party ideas

9. Cute Cake

If Battle Royale is your favorite Fortnite game mode, you should add it on a cake. Let the game party begin!

fortnite birthday party ideas

10. Funny Cake

Before you buy a Fortnite birthday cake, try making it yourself. This cake almost resembles the sky.

fortnite birthday party ideas

11. Interesting Cake

This Fortnite birthday cake features some popular items from the game such as the mexican piñata, medicine packs, and chest.

fortnite birthday party ideas

12. Green Cake

Fornite is famous for dropboxes that create some great benefits in the game. So use it in your cake.

fortnite birthday party ideas

13. Unique Cake

If one Fortnite cake isn’t enough, have a two-tier cake made. The kids are waiting for cake time!

fortnite birthday party ideas

14. Blue Cake

Fortnite birthday cake can be made at home. It’s a great idea to choose your favorite weapons and symbols in Fortnite to design your cake.

fortnite birthday party ideas

15. Drop Cake

When making a Fortnite birthday cake is creativity, the first thing you need. Drop cakes are very popular lately.

fortnite birthday party ideas

16. Printed Cake

The decorations on your cake don’t have to be edible. The important thing is to look good.

fortnite birthday party ideas

17. Number Shaped Cake

A printable cake is always easier. The most cost-effective way to decorate a simple cake.

fortnite birthday party ideas

18. Two Layer Cake

Take your love of games to the next level with this minimal themed cake.

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fortnite birthday party ideas

19. Striped Cake

When you make a Fortnite birthday cake, you feel happy. No one has ever tried a striped cake. Choose to be different.

fortnite birthday party ideas

20. Sugar Paste Cake

As you can see, there are many ways to create a wonderful cake for your birthday that helps represent your love for Fortnite.

fortnite birthday party ideas