20+ Best LOL Suprise Birthday Cake Designs of [2024]

Today, birthdays can be made very different and glamorous. What makes a Lol suprise birthday cake special and different, it covers every detail from its concept to the decorations you use. The most important of these is of course the birthday cake. This cake is of course lol surprise birthday cake.

One of the toys that attracts the attention of the little ones are Lol surprise dolls. L.O.L. Surprise dolls are 8 cm toy figures placed inside a sphere wrapped in layers. … Surprise dolls come in multi-layered packaging so children don’t know which model will come out until the toy is fully opened. In this way, you will present a cake with a concept that will attract the attention of the birthday girl and her friends. There are many options for Lol suprise birthday cake. In this article, we gave you detailed advice about Lol suprise birthday cake varieties.

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If you prefer the outer look of the Lol suprise birthday cake plain and smooth, you can use sugar coatings made of various colors outside of the cake.

Lol suprise birthday cake

2. Candy Decorations Molded Lol Surprise Birthday Cake

Candies Everywhere! A Lol suprise birthday cake where you position various candies is very interesting. If you want help in preparing this cake.

Lol suprise birthday cake

3. Gift Pack Shaped Lol Surprise Birthday Cake

Surprise! Making an intriguing birthday cake is easy. A Lol suprise birthday cake in the form of a gift wrap will catch everyone’s attention.

Lol suprise birthday cake

4. 3 Tier Lol Surprise Birthday Cake

If you want a variety of birthday cake, 3-tiered ones will be more suitable for this party. You can use different contents on each floor. You can use candies 1 th floor, baby figures on the 2 th and polka dots on the last floor. For more different decoration ideas http://smithsbakery.info/tag/lol-surprise-birthday-cake/

Lol suprise birthday cake

5. Duo Surprise Lol Birthday Cake

One of the most important details at a party is a birthday cake. You can choose two different designs of cake. Also, combining them with cute rainbow design sugar paste will attract attention to the Lol suprise birthday cake.

Lol suprise birthday cake

6. Baby Face Birthday Cake

If you want to make the birthday cake even more beautiful, you can choose a design in the form of a baby face figure.

Lol suprise birthday cake

7. Baby Figured Cake

The most preferred type of decoration for lol surprise birthday cake is to use a doll figure. You can place doll figures in different styles on each layer of the cake.

Lol suprise birthday cake

8. Lollipops Are Everywhere !!

Don’t think about what interests minors. Of course, seeing a variety of lollipops on a cake will excite them.

Lol suprise birthday cake

9. Baby Doll Cake Topper

You can also use baby topper on the cake in many parts of the party area. Regardless of the design of the single-layer, double-layer cake, the attractive doll topper will be suitable for the lol surprise birthday cake.

Lol suprise birthday cake

10. Lol Surprise Square Piece Cake!

It is quite possible to make a cake that attracts attention with its design. Wouldn’t it be great if you split a piece of a square cake and put a doll figure on it!

Lol suprise birthday cake

11. Lol Surprise Birthday Cake With Lines

Lol surprise dolls are known for polka dots and stripes. If you want a cake that is more compatible with the concept, these will be a more suitable design for a Lol suprise birthday cake.

Lol suprise birthday cake

12. Baby Toy Cake

Toys are the things children love the most. Imagine using this in the design of a cake. They’ll go crazy!

Lol suprise birthday cake

13. Birthday Cake In The Form Of Numbers

If you have decided on the category of the cake but are confused about how to design it, the numbers come into play. No matter how old the birthday boy is, it will be suitable for Lol suprise birthday cake design.

Lol suprise birthday cake

14. Princess Birthday Cake

If you have a very simple cake in mind, the princess Lol suprise birthday cake concept is a very classy choice.

Lol suprise birthday cake

15. Party Girl Birthday Cake

Lol surprise girls are going to the party. If you think of a more fun and lively concept, this lol surprise will be suitable for a birthday party cake.

Lol suprise birthday cake

16. Heart shaped Lol Surprise Birthday Cake

If you want to make a very simple cake, a heart shape will be suitable. How you decorate this is up to your taste.

Lol suprise birthday cake

17. A Colorful Cake!

A simple party concept has been adopted and you can choose a Lol suprise birthday cake where colorful candies, dolls and decorations are positioned.

Lol suprise birthday cake

18. Just A Word That Says Cake!

If you are looking for remarkable simplicity, just print ‘Lol Surprise’ on the cake.

Lol suprise birthday cake

19. Concept Girl Birthday Cake

You can place one of the lol surprise girls on top of a two-story or three-layer cake.

Lol suprise birthday cake

20. Cupcake Lol Surprise Birthday Cake

You will invite few people to the party and you can make lol surprise birthday cupcakes to create a friendly atmosphere.

Lol suprise birthday cake


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