20+ Best Baby Shower Safari Party Ideas [2024]

One of the best things about planning a baby shower safari party is having the opportunity to have one theme for the entire party. Planning the event is a lot of fun, especially if you prefer a safari theme with jungle and wild animals. It also brings out your creativity.

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Lots of photo suggestions for the Safari theme: https://www.catchmyparty.com/party-ideas/safari/baby-shower

1. Safari Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower safari party takes you to the jungle. Your guests will have an extraordinary party experience.

baby shower safari party

2. Safari Baby Shower Decor

Baby shower safari party includes wild animals. If the guests have children, they will be the happiest.

baby shower safari party

3. Safari Baby Shower Invitations

Costume can be worn for baby shower safari party. For example, ask each of the guests to wear a wild animal costume. Lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant etc.

baby shower safari party

4. Safari Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower safari party includes lots of goodies. Key chains and magnets with the faces of wild animals are a great idea!

baby shower safari party

5. Safari Baby Shower Centerpieces

Baby shower safari party is a happy one. Because colors give us peace because they remind us of nature.

baby shower safari party

6. Safari Baby Shower Cake

Colors such as green, brown, yellow are used in the baby shower safari party. It can be any color you can see in the forest.

baby shower safari party

7. Safari Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby shower safari party is creative. It gives you the opportunity to create the theme and decors as you wish.

baby shower safari party

8. Safari Baby Shower Balloons

Baby shower safari party theme is very popular. Recently, it is frequently preferred by young mothers.

baby shower safari party

9. Palm Leaves Bouquet

The Safari theme makes many ideas come to life. Thanks to these ideas, you will minimize the planning process.

baby shower safari party

10. Palm Trees

Buy safari-themed invitations to liven up the jungle and rainforest theme and include wild animals. Definitely use vibrant and bright colors.

baby shower safari party

11. Safari Baby Shower Signs

Build a custom beverage station. Add small plants next to them to add a safari vibe.

baby shower safari party

12. Safari Baby Shower Decorations

You can really liven up the party if you add real plants, real pots and vases. Just make sure you keep the guests’ children away from them.

baby shower safari party

13. Photo Backdrops

The most important thing when decorating is to stick to a color scheme. A dark green palm tree mood will be magnificent.

baby shower safari party

14. Safari Baby Shower Games

Place the animal decorations on the sticks. Put it inside a beautiful potted plant. Include it in the middle of the table.

baby shower safari party

15. Paper Goods

Prepare a giant wooden box decorated according to the theme. Then ask guests to write notes to baby and parents to read later.

baby shower safari party

16. Dessert Ideas

An easy and inexpensive way to harmonize your table with the rest of the decorations is with a beautiful forest-themed tablecloth.

baby shower safari party

17. Party Snacks

The possibilities are endless as the Safari theme inspiration is full of beautiful details that will make the party beautiful.

baby shower safari party

18. Home Party

Play a song from the Lion King movies and dance. The guests and the children, if any, will have a lot of fun.

baby shower safari party

19. Garden Party

Mom or Dad guessing game is the favorite activities of baby showers. It is a fun and interactive game to play with the whole crowd.

baby shower safari party

20. Safari Baby Shower Celebration

Make invitations with a rainforest feel. Find cute wild animals, textured green leaves and vibrant colors.

baby shower safari party