20+ Best Baby Shower Teddy Bear Party Ideas [2024]

Get ready for a super sweet party with baby shower teddy bear! A perfect theme for baby boy or girl. It also has the most memorable decorations for the guests. They will enjoy the baby shower teddy bear to get unique photos. Teddy bears are soft, cute and huggable, especially for children.

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Teddy Bear theme examples: https://www.creativeuniondesign.com/blog/teddy-bear-baby-shower

1. Table Decor

Baby shower teddy bear party is a happy one. You may not know the gender of the baby, in this case it is useful to use a color such as yellow or green.

baby shower teddy bear

2. Rose Teddy Bear

Everyone will love the baby shower teddy bear theme. If it’s a girl, go for a mid-tone or light pink to go well with the teddy bears’ overall brown color.

baby shower teddy bear

3. Garden Teddy Bear

Baby shower teddy bear theme is sweet. Plan the cutest teddy bear baby shower theme with these great ideas. Our “We can wait” theme has everything you need.

baby shower teddy bear

4. Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower teddy bears are ready for you to cuddle. Edit your event details yourself.

baby shower teddy bear

5. Teddy Bear Invitations

Baby shower teddy bear is suitable for taking pictures. There are no rules for do’s and don’ts, and that’s the fun part!

baby shower teddy bear

6. Baby Party

Baby shower teddy bear theme is cute. This design has a cute teddy bear and a lovely font! Easily edit with your name and date! Choose pink or blue.

baby shower teddy bear

7. Simple Teddy Bear Invitations

Baby shower teddy bear can be for boys. The colors you can consider for your teddy bear baby shower are blue and brown. This is great for a baby boy.

baby shower teddy bear

8. Pink Teddy Bear Invitations

Baby shower teddy bear theme is predominantly brown, pink or blue. Although many teddy bear-themed baby shower parties focus on these colors, you can choose to use the colors you want.

baby shower teddy bear

9. Blue Invitations

Table decor is essential for this party and is a place to let your creativity shine.

baby shower teddy bear

10. Balloons

You can use small teddy bears added to the bouquet to add a subtle touch to your theme. You can also make flower vases with small teddy bears.

baby shower teddy bear

11. Baby Shower Food Ideas

The rose teddy bear is the perfect way to spice up the theme. Rose teddy bears are bouquets of roses shaped just like teddy bears.

baby shower teddy bear

12. Baby Shower Games

You can buy cute teddy bear shaped invitations. This is perfect for someone with a teddy bear-themed shower. It will make all your guests smile.

baby shower teddy bear

13. Baby Shower Game Bundle

Salads, sandwiches, cupcakes, and fruit platters are great options. What you think your guests will like is what you should serve it.

baby shower teddy bear

14. Baby Shower Favors

Customized cookies with your baby’s name written on them are the perfect way to serve.

baby shower teddy bear

15. Baby Shower Party Supplies

You can fill vases or bowls that your guests can choose with candies. You can create candy bags for them to take to their home.

baby shower teddy bear

16. Cake Topper

A teddy bear cake would make a great showpiece and would be adorable.

baby shower teddy bear

17. Party Snacks

Bears love honey. Buy a few honey jars and add a cute customized label. Distribute to guests.

baby shower teddy bear

18. Home Party

Soaps are a favorite of baby shower gifts. Because it can be enjoyed by everyone.

baby shower teddy bear

19. Brown Baby Shower Invitations

If you’re a candle lover and want to give them favors for your teddy bear-themed baby shower, you’re in luck.

baby shower teddy bear

20. Elegant Party

One way to make your table stand out is to have a tablecloth that grabs attention and incorporates the theme.

baby shower teddy bear