20+ Best Pirates Birthday Party Ideas of [2024]

Includes pirates birthday party parchment invitations, octopus and seaweed sausages, and Jolly Roger banners. Use traditional pirate colors like black, white and red for balloons and streamers. Don’t forget the fishing.

Most used colors: Black, red, white, yellow

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Most used symbols: Jolly Roger, treasure, treasure map, net, parrot, helm, chest

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1. Donuts Presentation

If you’re planning a pirates birthday party, make an invitation first. Buy a piece of parchment paper. Type the invitation text in an Old English font. Next, burn the edges of the paper with a lighter.

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2. Map Background

Create a pirate island or a pirate ship with party accessories. You can make the little pirates have fun with their friends in this area.

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3. Sailboat Detail

Pirates birthday party means pirate costumes, pirate flags, pirate hats and eye patches. Let the kids turn into little pirates.

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4. Table Setup

Pirates birthday party is more entertaining than traditional birthday party. Be sure to try it!

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5. Garden Concept

For a Jolly Roger poster, cut a skull and bones from white fabric. Use black electrical tape to secure the symbols to a black sheet. Hang the banner high for everbody to see.

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6. Party Snacks

Octopus and seaweed sausages are pirates birthday party snacks. Cook ramen noodles according to instructions. Discard the seasoning and add a few drops of green food coloring.

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7. Party Planning

Next, slice several hot dogs into eight longitudinal strips, leaving one end of each hot dog intact. Boil the sausages and set them like an octopus on a bed of warm noodles.

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8. Treasure Hunt

Pirates birthday party is very elaborate. Paint items such as glasses, plates, and seashells. Turn them into a treasure chest. Place it inside and around the gold box.

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9. Party Style

Pirates birthday party often has an enigmatic appearance. This brown-dominated theme also looks mysterious.

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10. Jolly Roger Detail

The Jolly Roger is the flag waved by the pirate ship preparing to attack at the beginning of the 18th century. The most used symbol in this birthday theme.

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11. Bar Area

The most important point at the party is the snacks. Prepare food according to the theme.

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12. Party Invitation

Pirates birthday party dream come true for boys. Our birthday concept, which you can do both by the sea and outdoors in the summer, can change the birthday area in an instant with its interesting accessories.

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13. Special Gifts

You can decorate your children’s most special parties with the pirates, which are the children’s favorite animated movie characters.

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14. Colorful Balloons

Pirates birthday party is requested with great interest by children. You can find the cutest and special pirates party supplies online shopping.

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15. Net Covered Tower

Black or white tablecloths add to the pirate atmosphere. For the center, you can use a can of paint with gold spray paint.

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16. Party Backdrop

Hide a treasure in the room where the birthday is. Place clues in some parts of the room. Have the guests find the treasure.

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17. Pirate Crafts

Give an eye patch to your birthday guests. Let everyone in the party be pirates.

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18. Skull Balloons

Making a pirate birthday party at home is pretty simple. What do pirates use? Put them all in the theme.

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19. Party Decor

The pirate doesn’t set out without his parrot. Make sure to include it at the party.

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20. Birthday Cake

This cake looks so delicious!

How to make a pirate cake step by step?: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/pirate-ship-and-buried-treasure-island-cake

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