20+ Best Toddler Birthday Party Ideas of [2024]

Toddler birthday party ideas are suitable for 1, 2 and 3 year olds. When planning this party, it’s important to choose things you can access easily. Check out our post of great ideas for party games, events, and party schedules.

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1. Blowing Bubbles

Toddler birthday party ideas have to be simpler. For example, toddlers love to play with bubbles. You can use a large bottle of foam. If you want to make it yourself at home, water and dish soap is enough.

toddler birthday party ideas

2. Color Time

Toddler birthday party ideas can be colorful. Give the children a large whiteboard. Let them use crayons or washable paints.

toddler birthday party ideas

3. Ice Cream Cart

Toddler birthday party ideas include delicious snacks. You can rent an ice cream cart specially for the birthday.

toddler birthday party ideas

4. Bounce House

Consider fun activities for toddler birthday party ideas. Toddlers love to jump. Create playgrounds where they can jump outdoors.

toddler birthday party ideas

5. Ball Pool

Toddler birthday party ideas should be eye-catching. You can create a ball pool to keep the kids focused.

toddler birthday party ideas


Toddler birthday party ideas have to be creative. LEGO is the indispensable game of all children. Be sure to choose special-sized pieces for small children.

toddler birthday party ideas

7. Play Area

Toddler birthday party ideas can be outdoors. Create a playground in your garden on a beautiful sunny day.

toddler birthday party ideas

8. Arts and Crafts

Painting and crafts are of great importance for the development of children’s manual and motor skills.

toddler birthday party ideas

9. LED Game

Toddler birthday party ideas should be sparkling. How about taking the kids to a magical world?

toddler birthday party ideas

10. Garden Activities

Running, jumping, having fun, dancing in the garden all day are the best activities for toddlers.

toddler birthday party ideas

11. Fishing Game

Fishing games strengthen children’s concentration and attention skills.

toddler birthday party ideas

12. DIY

With few materials, you can create activities that children can do by themselves. They will love making honeycombs out of pasta.

toddler birthday party ideas

13. Play Dough

Play dough is one of the most popular activities. Thanks to the colorful play dough and various shapes, children have a pleasant time.

toddler birthday party ideas

14. Handprint

They can create handprints using organic, chemical-free and vegetable dyes. You can frame it and store it when finished. An amazing moment!

toddler birthday party ideas

15. Kindness Cupcakes

You can teach children how to make cake in its simplest form. They can make their own cupcakes using fruits, marshmallows and cupcakes.

toddler birthday party ideas

16. Learning the Alphabet

It makes it easier for toddlers to recognize the alphabet and numbers now.

toddler birthday party ideas

17. Freeze Dancing

Children need movement to release their energies. The best way to do this is music and dance.

toddler birthday party ideas

18. Climbing

You don’t need to throw big parties for a birthday. The climbing board you will install inside the house will make the children happy.

toddler birthday party ideas

19. Jurassic Park

How about creating your own Jurassic park? Things needed for this: A big black tray, dragons, dinosaurs, trees and sand.

toddler birthday party ideas

20. Develop Mental

Mental development at an early age is very important. For this reason, you can benefit from Montessori activities.

toddler birthday party ideas