20+ Best Dora Birthday Party Ideas of 202

Dora birthday party ideas is very colorful. Dora is a very helpful cartoon character. Like her, we want to help you with the birthday party. Let’s go to the details!

Most used colors: All the colors of the rainbow!

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Most used symbols: Monkey, palm, backpack, sunflower, flower

Who is  Dora?: https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ka%C5%9Fif_Dora

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1. Forest Consept

Dora birthday party begins! The table is set very neatly at this birthday party.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

2. Background

At Dora birthday party a tip. The light color tones used on the floor make the space look big.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

3. Party Lights

At this Dora birthday party, the table is equipped with tulle and LED light. It looks very stylish and eye catching.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

4. Sunflower Arrangements

You can organize a party in the forest with sunflowers and ivy. Fruit boxes created a natural image.

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5. Soft Colors

At your Dora birthday party you may want to use soft tones. Light pink and its shades will look very naive.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

6. Tulle Detail

Dora never goes for a walk in the woods without a backpack. You can also use the backpack figure.

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7. Birthday Invitation

In this Dora birthday party, lilac and tones are intense. Nostalgic coffee tables beautified the atmosphere.

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8. Gift Packs

At Dora birthday party, you can prepare small gifts that will make your guests happy. You can also add decorations suitable for the concept in these packs.

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9. Garden Celebration

At Dora birthday party, equip each equipment with colors suitable for the concept. It’s a great idea to celebrate Dora birthday party with colorful balloons in the garden.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

10. Rainbow Consept

Dora birthday party can be very colorful. But using all the colors of the rainbow in the Dora theme is a crazy idea. Fantastic!

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

11. Table Setup and Party Snacks

This birthday party table has snacks with Dora stickers. Also the flowers in the vase are very elegant.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

12. Balloons of All Sizes

You can place balloons for Dora birthday party concept for the birthday girl and her friends to spend hours friendly and fun.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

13. Photo Frames

On the Dora birthday party table it would be great to include your baby’s photo archieves and memories.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

14. Backdrop Banner

You need a backdrop to take a photo. You can use a Dora banner and curtains. Also the birthday girl will feel like a princess on the pink seat.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

15. Party Equipment

Looking for something simple and on theme? You can use green leaves for background and table decoration.

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

16. 3D Model

Dora also attended the birthday party. Bigger than in the cartoon!

Dora Birthday Party IdeasPin

17. Flower Garden Consept

Flowers are everywhere at this party. It looks unusual, we love this idea.

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18. Party Stand

By placing Dora figures on or around the party table, you can attract the attention of your children and friends and help provide a fun environment.

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19. Palm Figure

Using a huge palm figure on the table and on the floor will create a forest atmosphere.

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20. 2 Tier Dora Birthday Cake

You can use sugar paste to make a 2 tier Dora birthday cake. It looks very tasty and very sweet.

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